The Other Five


Years active:






Band Members:                                         

Anthony Pearce (vocals and lead guitar)
Pat Rabey (vocals and piano)
Keith Edwards (rhythm guitar)
Jon Kessell (bass guitar)
Dave Bunday (drums)

Terry Hocking (Drums)
Chris Cotterell (Drums)
Mike Black-Borow (Bass)


After returning from London, where he’d gone with the Big Four, Dave Bunday formed the Other Five (a play on words on his previous band’s name).

Based around Newquay the band played the hits of the day and were a popular local band. Initially Dave played on the popularity of the Big Four to secure bookings, using his old band’s contacts he pitched the band as ‘including ex-members of the Big Four and Vigilantes’; such was those bands’ status he had no problem securing gigs, even if he was the only member from the Big Four, with Jon Kessell the ex-Vigilante.

Although Keith would quit the band after only a few weeks to continue his studies they kept the name the Other Five, despite there being only four band members.

Anthony Pearce, Pat Rabey, Dave Bunday and Jon Kessell



Recorded live at a beat contest at Cosy Nook Theatre, Newquay. 1964/65


Around Christmas 1966 Dave fell ill with TB and had to go to an isolation hospital, which was then located at Tehidy. Terry Hocking was brought in to replace Dave.

Jon Kessell was an outstanding bass player and had perfect pitch; he could  play Nivram as well as Jet Harris. Jon was part of the Kessell car family and left the band around late 66/early 67 to join the family business.

Mike Black-Borow had just left the Onyx Set, not wishing to continue with the band now that they had turned pro, and he was asked to replace Jon.

The band played the summer season at Trevelgue in Newquay and around the Newquay area, where they played to packed pubs and clubs. The band catered for the more lucrative adult crowd, rather than the teen dances. They would also play gigs at the nearby Sergeants’ and Officers’ messes at RAF St Mawgan.

Trevelgue, Newquay

Terry Hocking would leave the band and was replaced by Chris Cotterell, who had played with Mike in the early Onyx Set, as well as the Big Four. The band went their separate ways in 1969 when Pat moved to London.

Sadly Anthony Pearce, Jon Kessell, Pat Rabey and Terry Hocking are no longer with us.


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Chris Cotterell played with the Onyx Set and Big Four
Dave played with the Drifters, Big Four, Jaguars, Good Times, Trevenson Tree Tramplers and Hairy Magpie
Terry Hocking played with Chris Dane and the Vikings

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