Years active:






Band Members:                                         

Line-up 1
Dave Knight (Vocals)
Dave Godber (Lead)
Ian Hunter (Rhythm)
Pete Berryman (Bass)
Robin Daniel (Drums)

Line-Up 2
Dave Knight (Vocals)
Ian Hunter (Rhythm)
Pete Berryman (Lead)
Robin Daniel (Drums)
Vic Morris (Bass)

Line-Up 3
Dave Knight (Vocals)
Ian Hunter (Rhythm)
Dave Godber (Lead)
Dave Bunday (Drums)
Pete Coombe (Bass)


Pete Berryman started out playing drums with Spike Hooper in a Launceston jazz band, before moving onto guitar. On joining the Drifters he moved to bass, which required a slightly terrifying drive to Plymouth in Ian Hunter’s Isetta Bubble Car to purchase one.

Ian was band leader and looked like Buddy Holly, although he was probably trying for a Hank Marvin look! The Drifters were very much a Shadows styled outfit, including matching suits and dance steps. Dave James (aka Dave Knight) would perform in the Cliff Richard style, with Graham Morris (aka Lee Graham) occasionally guesting on a few numbers, including Johnny B Goode.


Straight out of the school, like many bands at the time they were fresh faced and out for a good time. They would watch Thank Your Lucky Stars or that night’s pop show then head out in the van to the local town or Village Hall and for that night they could get up on stage and be whatever band they saw on TV earlier, living a teenager’s pop star dreams.

All the band members had day jobs and it was probably this that caused Dave Godber to leave the band. Pete Berryman then picked up lead guitar duties, although this required another hair- raising shopping trip to Plymouth in the bubble car! Pete picked up a Burns Black Bison, before quickly switching to a Gibson 335.

Around this time Pete’s best friend Shaun Harris started doing guest spots with the band, performing Roy Orbison songs. Shaun was a hit with the girls and his appearances were always well received.

Around 1964 the Beatles and Stones arrived and the whole musical landscape changed. Pete would leave the Drifters and form the Shondells with Shaun. He would also take Vic Morris and Robin Daniel.

The band continued after the three members left the band and started looking for a replacement drummer. They knew of Dave Bunday from his time playing in the Zodiacs (with Roy Grose and Mike Messenger) while he was still at school, and he was invited to join the band.

Dave Godber was also in the band during the time Dave Bunday played with them, so presumably was asked to re-join.

The new line-up played the pop hits of the day and was a popular and hard working band that were regularly playing 6 or 7 nights a week at venues such as The Flamingo, Cornwall Coliseum, Capitol Cinema St Austell, Blue Lagoon, etc.

While Dave Knight covered the vocals, Dave Bunday would occasionally occupy the solo singing spot.  In 1964 they came second to the Jaguars in the annual Rock and Rhythm Contest, performing Someone Like You, an original Gerry Marsden style number written specially for them by Will Coon.

They broke up towards the end of 1964. Pete was asked to join the Vigilantes and Dave the Big Four.

Ian Hunter

Dave James

Dave Godber

Dave Bunday



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Dave played with the Big Four, Other Five, Jaguars, Good Times, Trevenson Tree Tramplers and Hairy Magpie
Pete Berryman played with Shaun and the Shondells and Famous Jug Band
Vic Morris and Robin Daniel played with Shaun and the Shondells

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