Years active:

1971-mid 80s





Band Members:                                         

Roger Brokenshire (Vocals)
Mike Bray (Guitar)

Hughie Rowe (Drums)
Bernie Gerrens’ (Drums)
Charlie’ (Bass) who always wore a berry
Paul Wakeling (Drums)
Nigel Uren (Drums)
Ian Dunlop (Bass)
Andy Pascoe (Bass)
Barry Reeves (Bass)
Bob Stevens (Drums)
Lee Parker (Drums)                                       


The Globetrotters were a very popular and long lasting band initiated by Roger who asked Mike to form a duo as both had a long history of playing with bands in Cornwall.

As a duo they would perform at the Globe Pub in Carnkie Redruth, which would also help shape their name. The band was a cabaret/entertainment act and would perform in wig and costumes, as well as re-writing the lyrics to popular songs. One popular costume was the skeleton suits, when the lights went out all you could see were the ultra violet bones dancing around on stage!

First gig, Spring 1971

Truro City Hall

Although initially starting out as duo Mike was able to create an impressive full band sound by developing a style of playing and creative cabling that produced a full sound as if there were more than just one instrumentalist on stage. This was particular impressive on House of the Rising Sun, where it sounded like he played both the guitar and organ parts at once!

The duo would over time add additional members, listed above. First to join was Hughie Rowe, who had drummed with Mike in The Artizans. Hughie promised to secure more well paid gigs to cover his membership if he was brought on board which he subsequently achieved with success. Lee Parker from Newquay also played on drums, a real hit with the women!

With Hughie

Lee Parker - Talk of The West 1974

Bob Stevens

Bernie Gerrans

Later on they would also add Ian Dunlop on bass, who had an impressive pedigree, having previously being a founding member of US country rockers The International Submarine Band with Gram Parsons, as well as an early incarnation of the Flying Burrito Brothers.

Ian Dunlop

Andy Pascoe of Modern Music joined as Bass and Andy thought it good for him in the early stage of his career.

Nigel Uren was a very technical drummer who had an impressive background in the music business as was another drummer Paul Wakeling who did brilliant impersonations in private of other members of the band!

Another excellent drummer when there was only Mike on Guitar was Bob Stevens who was also an accomplished jazz musician who filled in some of the missing sound. People like that proved Mike’s contention that the drummer was a key player who can make or break a band.

St Ives Rugby Club, with Nigel Uren


Almost straight away they were securing steady bookings on the increasingly popular and lucrative pub and club circuit. This took them all over Cornwall and beyond. The band worked the club circuit in the north east of England. This could be quite gruelling as they would often perform a set in each club, in between bingo and strippers; this would involve a minimum of three clubs a night seven days week. After each set the gear would have to be packed up and then set up again and suits put on.

Bedouin Club. 1971

They also entered, and won, the Peninsula West Trophy for Talent.

In 1973 they were invited to perform on the then very popular local TV show, Westward Diary in Plymouth. After spending the morning recording two songs they mingled with the presenters in the bar over lunch, which was laid on for them. For about the four or so hours in the studio, bar & canteen they were each paid about £200 per hour in today’s money!

The Globetrotters would play the popular annual Showtime summer cabaret show in Princess Pavilion, Falmouth, which provided them with good summer season work.

Falmouth Showtime. 1972

In the mid-70s when they were touring the North East club circuit they would gig on the way up and back at the Grange in Coventry. The gig was initially set up through Hughie, whose brother lived in the area. They hoped to secure enough money to help them on the next stage off their journey. They went down so well that it became a regular stop off on their way up North.

Some footage of the band exists from the time and Mike kindly explains the footage;

This cine film is initially of the original trio and latterly of the band as it became by the end of the 70s. It should be noted that Mike’s cine camera was handed to whoever in the audience was prepared to use it, regardless of skill! There is a slight delay after the introduction due to a software glitch but keep watching.

The first part was taken in the mid 70s at a very large pub in Coventry called The Grange. The band would always gig there on the way up and back down from the club circuit in the north east. As it was a mixed audience the band did songs for all ages which back then had to include music hall! At the end of that there is a short shot of the drummer, Hughie's wife Lisa with their newborn, not sure how that got there? 

Then there is a shot of Mike in a well known shared house in Camborne otherwise known as the unofficial Camborne School of Mines Halls of Residence! Trevu House The soundtrack is Mike playing 'Diamonds' on a Burns Vista Sonic guitar and then a soundtrack of Mike singing 'Memphis Tennessee' holding a 12 string EKO guitar.

The next bit was taken at Tywarnehayle pub in Perranporth. They were joined by two well known jazz wind players Dave & Harry. This was the band’s last official gig for two years as Mike was off to Southampton University to qualify as a social worker. They did reform in the 80s. Customers from the Grange in Coventry would always seek out the band when on holiday in Cornwall, very loyal fans indeed.


Carharrack Sports Club

Like all bands, not all their gigs went well however…. Once they hired out St Ives Guildhall and put on a Rock & Roll Revival dance, but sadly only a handful came.

They also topped the bill at the ‘Show of Shows’ in Bolton. This event was attended by influential booking agents from across the north. Through some sort of mix up they had been booked as being one of the South West’s top acts. While they were good the acts in attendance were in a different league and they went down like a lead balloon!

By the late 70’s Roger had taken to billing the band as The Reaction, the name of his mid-60s band featuring Roger Taylor, as well as The Reaction Showband. However they were billed they were still well received and the bookings continued.

By 1979 Mike decided to go to university to qualify as a social worker, and left for Southampton. The band then folding however would regroup when Mike returned for summer and Christmas holidays. When he returned to Cornwall for good in the early 80s they would play a few more gigs before finally calling it a day. There was one last gig however, when Freddie Zapp initiated a reunion gig at the Miners Arms Redruth in 1992.


Reunion gig, Miner's Arms, Redruth. July 1992


With Wakey on Drums

It was filled to capacity as Freddie promoted the event on his show. Some well known celebrities also performed and others turned up including Emile Ford of “What do want to Make Those Eyes at me for” fame.

In the 90s Mike played in a duo initially called Footloose, changing to Eclipse as the name was taken but otherwise known as Paddy & Mike. Roger continued to perform his solo show throughout Cornwall and fronted the Rock ‘n’ Roll revival band The Rockin’ Five who has a large following so he remains a well known and respected figure of the Cornish music scene.

Steve Forrest played drums for the Globetrotters for a short while in the mid 70s.
He also played with some other bands but by the early 90s he went to Oz and after a spell gigging started a musical instrument shop in Sydney Australia. Steve went on learn to play sax. http://www.steveforrestmusic.com.au

Steve in the 1970s, and in his shop in Australia




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