Years active:

Mid 70s





Band Members:                                         

Paul Wakeling (Drums)
Keith Jones (Bass)
Steve Wright (Guitar)
Mike Harwood (Guitar)
John Bickersteth (Keyboards)
Nigel Uren (Drums)      


After completing his college studies Mike went up to London. Although he did some session work he found it difficult to get on with the cliquey London music scene. He returned in Cornwall in 1975 and formed Cruiser.

The band started off playing West Coast American style music, including Doobie Brothers and Steeley Dan. Paul and Keith didn't get on and eventually Paul left, to be replaced by Nigel Uren, who had just finished with Flying Fortress. The band then started to change direction musically into a more old school RnB/Funk direction, which very few bands were doing in Cornwall at the time. John was brought in to add keyboards and the band started playing materials by the Meters, Commodores, etc.

Keith Jones

John Bickersteth


Nigel Uren

Mike Harwood

They started to write their own material and began introducing more original songs to the set list. They also worked as session musicians at nearby Roche Recording Studios. The band would play on a number of released sessions, including many of the studios Jingle Singles, where they would knock out 50 or so tracks in a session.

At Roche Recording Studios

Prior to John joining the band they were also invited to play on the Made in Cornwall LP with Graham Perrins on lead vocals which included Life's A Party a song written by Graham. They also featured as session players backing up Simon Fraser (Charlie and the Wide Boys) on two tracks which were released on the LP under the name Damien and The Bellringers.


Cruiser - Life's a Party


Damien and Bellringers - Fireflight In Eden


Damien and Bellringers - Magic is no Mystery


The band played their final gig at The Wints in Penzance, drawing a big crowd.

Mike on stage at The Wints

After Cruiser, Mike would form a covers outfit with Graham Perrins on Vocals ‘The Mike Harwood Band’ and included Steve ‘Harry’ Evan, Chris Duddle, Paul Wakeling subsequently replaced by Ralph Roberts (later to become Stage Fright and then ... British Intelligence). Following Mike’s departure (hence the name change) he formed Matrix with Nigel Uren and Tony Powell, Terry Farley and Jazz singer Chris Gayle. Matrix played rock and pop covers and lasted until the early 80s.

He would later form The Bridge and then Forever with his wife. A successful graphic designer, he also runs a recording studio - http://www.cruiserman.co.uk


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Nigel would play with Bluecaps, Smokey Joes, Flying Fortress, Motherchild, Parlour Band, Ocean, Serpent and Globetrotters
Paul would play with Ocean, Serpent, Society’s Child, Globetrotters
John would play with Serpent

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