Years active:






Band Members:

Lyn Allen (drums)
Chris Allen (bass and vocals)
Terry (Rhythm)
Bob Hickmott (Lead Guitar)


The Acoustics formed in the Newquay area around 64/65. By 1966 they had build up a good reputation in the local area and were a well established band. Around this time the original guitarist decided to quit, leaving the band in limbo as the lucrative summer season loomed. Luckily Nigel Toon was back in Newquay during the summer university break and looking for work. Nigel had played guitar in fellow Newquay band The Vigilantes.

After the summer Nigel returned to university and a more permanent replacement was sought, with Bob stepping in as replacement. A few months after this Terry lost interest in the band and left, and the band became a three piece which it would remain.

The band played the hits of the day, replicated them as close to the original as possible. Each band member would sing, but Chris took on most of the lead vocals.

Like many of the bands in Cornwall at the time they were on the books with BCD Entertainments. The band were so in demand that they would become one of BCD's top bands. During the summer season of 1967 they had a gig every night of the week. In 1968 they took up a summer residency at the Pentire Hotel in Newquay.

Lyn Allen was the driving force behind many of their bookings and they played throughout Cornwall and Devon, playing all the main venues in Cornwall. They also supported many of the big names that ventured into the county, including Status Quo, Marmalade, Fantastics, Joe Brown, Traffic, Billy J. Kramer, Nashville Teens, Zombies and Small Faces.

As the 70s came around the band decided to update their image and renamed themselves Rocking Horse, playing more harmony, Neil Young and 70s rock. As the band were earning good money they were able to afford good kit, which in turn helped secure more professional bookings.

Around October 1973 Bob left the band and Lyn & Chris soldiered on with replacements for another 4 years, calling it a day in 1977 when Chris gave up music.

Brian Robinson remembers Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse supported my band The Sound of Time in about 1970 at the Exmouth Pavilion. We were on the main stage and were billed as "Radio One Stars" which is the reason the punters thought we were the better band. They set up in the corner looking like school kids and blew us away! I remember the guitarist had a Telecaster and a bowl of talcum powder into which he kept dipping his fretting fingers.

They say there's nothing as stupid as a crowd. Rocking Horse left us in the dust! I wonder what happened to them - I certainly expected to hear of them again but I never did.




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