Western Union


Years active:






Band Members:                                         

Fernley Jane (Keyboards)
Paul Marshall (Vocals)
Reg Hancock (Bass) 

Graham Hicks (Guitar)
Paul Foster (Keyboards)
Keith Wilcox (Drums)
Bill Gill (Drums)
Malcolm Stott (Guitar)                                               


With thanks to Reg Hancock and Graham Hicks for the information below

Western Union were based in Mitchell Avenue in Newquay.

The personnel of the band at the time I joined were:-
Fernley Jane – Keyboards
Paul Marshall – Vocals
Reg Hancock – Bass Guitar

Graham Hicks later became the guitarist in the band.

Keith Wilcox was our first drummer, followed by Graham Hicks, who became lead guitarist when Bill Gill joined the band as drummer. Bill eventually left because of work commitments and finally we were joined by Paul Moon, I think this was our best line-up.

Fernley Jane, (Keyboards), left the band and moved to Bristol. Fernley was eventually replaced on keyboards by Paul Foster.

We then had a guitar player that filled in when Fernley left the band.  We called him "King Rat". He used to lodge at our manager, Don Marshall's house, his real name was (I think) was Malcolm Stott.

We also employed a psychedelic light-show called “Purple Infinity” complete with go-go dancer.  The liquid light shows consisted of overhead projectors using liquid colour wheels to project moving images onto a wall or backdrop.

We also auditioned at the Westward TV studios in Plymouth, complete with the light show.  Reg remembers that we played so loud during our audition that some of the sound bled through into the studio where the compere, Roger Shaw, was presenting a show that was being transmitted “live”.

Mode of Transport:-

Our mode of transport was a Morris LD van.

The Morris LD van, was purchased from Fred Hunter, who used to deliver potatoes to the “Gay Gannett” cafe in East Street Newquay. He owned Hunters Fruit shop which is still there in name only, which is at the bottom of East Street, almost opposite the old Bus Station. Fred lived in Bethel, just off Phernyssick road. Reg Hancock picked up the van from there.

Some of the equipment we used:-

Reg Hancock (Bass Guitar):
Wilson semi-acoustic bass guitar, a Vox Foundation Cab powered by an ex-army surplus amplifier, bought from Frank Ruse's shop in Nanpean. Reg later graduated (if that's the word) to a Selmer Combo when he joined Safron. It was nicknamed the Toaster.

Graham Hicks (Drummer)
Broadway bass drum, Eric Delaney plastic snare drum, Edgware small tom-tom and a Premier floor
Graham Hicks (Guitarist)
Black Fender Telecaster. Can’t remember what amplifier I used.


Some of the songs we played:-
Things get Better – (Eddie Floyd)
Get Ready – (The Temptations)
Morning Dew – (Tim Rose)
If I Were a Carpenter – (Tim Hardin)
Time is Tight – (Booker T. and the MG’s)
Please Mr. Postman (made popular by The Beatles)

Some of the gigs we played:-

St Austell YMCA
Blue Lagoon, Newquay
Rosehill Country Club, St. Issey
The Three C's, Newquay
Bodmin TA Centre
The Flamingo, Redruth  (supporting Spooky Tooth)
St Just Town Hall
Newquay Youth Centre
St. Breward Village Hall
We also played at the skating rink in Camborne (once). Don Marshall, our manager, used to run the “Big Fry Chippy”, which was next door to the rink, that's why we played there.

We signed to BCD Entertainments in Bodmin on the 14th February 1969.  I now have in my possession the original contract that we signed on that day, which was very kindly donated to me by Richard Prest of the excellent Kernow Beat website.  BCD Entertainments were to receive 20% of any fee earned at any such performances.

For more Western Union picture please check out Graham Hicks website here


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