Years active:






Band Members:

Vampires 1
Paul Roberts (Lead guitar & Vocals))
Peter George (Rhythm guitar)
Jeff Turner (Bass guitar & Vocals)
Paul Knight (Drums & Vocals)

Vampires 2
Eddie Jewel (Lead guitar & Vocals)
Peter George (Rhythm guitar)
Jeff Turner (Bass guitar & Vocals)
Paul Knight (Drums & Vocals)

Vampires 3/Fallen Empire
Eddie Jewel (Lead guitar & Vocals)
Peter George (Rhythm guitar)
Peter Webster (Bass guitar & Vocals)
Paul Knight (Drums & Vocals)
Ray Eden (Vocals)           

Eddie Jewell (Guitar/Vocals)
Paul Knight (Drums)
Peter George (Rhythm Guitar)
Colin Pryce-Jones(bass)                                                            


The Vampires were formed at Redruth Grammar School around 1961/62 and the original line up was Paul Knight (Drums), Paul Roberts (Lead Guitar), Peter George (Rhythm Guitar) and Jeff Turner (Bass).

They began playing predominantly instrumental Shadows numbers. Being bright lads they introduced vocals, finding four-part harmony with ease. They were soon performing covers of modern pop songs including Soul, Rock and Blues, while still retaining Shadows numbers.

When Jeff moved out of the area he was replaced on bass by Peter Webster. Yorkshireman Ray Eden was also brought in on lead Vocals, and Eddie Jewell would replace Paul Roberts on guitar, when he left for College in September 1965.

After winning a couple of local talent contests The Vampires entered the Rock & Rhythm Contest for the first time in March 1966. Dressed in blood-red satin shirts with black stand-up collars (see picture above) they placed third. The competitions promise of an audition with the BBC never materialised.

In 1967 the band changed its name to The Reflection and brought in Colin Pryce-Jones on Bass. The band entered the year's Rock & Rhythm Contest, coming 2nd to Newquay band Coconut Grove. Following the contest The Reflection appeared regularly in the Summer Showtime Show at the Princess Pavilion, Falmouth and in October 1968 was asked to support and back Frankie Vaughan at the City Hall in Truro.

The Reflection

As both The Vampires and The Reflection the band secured many gigs around the county, having a weekly residency at Redruth’s Bamboo Club in Tabbs Arcade. They also supported the US soul revue “C.A.T Soul Show” at the Flamingo Ballroom, Nite People at The Blue Lagoon in Newquay, and the (British) Birds at Penzance’s Winter Gardens.

In 1969 Paul Knight left the band to move to Hertfordshire and the band went their seperate ways.

Peter Webster would join Colin Pryce-Jones in Jet Black, who became resident band for the summer season at Perran Sands Holiday Park, Perranporth (owned at the time by Colin's parents).

Peter George moved to Basingstoke and now lives in Canada. Eddie Jewell moved to Buckinghamshire but is now back in Cornwall. Ray moved back to Yorkshire. Colin relocated to London, playing with several different bands, including backing up Helen Shapiro, which resulted in a TV appearance. Colin now leads The Rapiers, an internationally renowned Shadows tribute band who have also backed up Cliff Richard. Peter Webster currently performs Lead Vocals and Guitar with The Mickey Finn Rock Band at venues around Cornwall.

Paul Knight returned to Cornwall in the mid 70’s playing with a number of local bands including The Soul Survivors and prior to emigrating to New Zealand in 2003 was a founder member of Strictly Taboo, a very successful pro covers band that worked all over the UK and in Germany. They also toured with and supported top 60’s/70’s bands The Sweet and Showaddywaddy. He now runs a successful business manufacturing scented candles.

Paul Roberts returned to Redruth Grammar School in 1972-76 and continued to teach in Redruth School until 1989.

Sadly Eddie Jewell passed away in Febraury 2011, and Ray Eden passed away in 2015.

Peter George kindly supplied some additional information on the band

The Vampires became The Fallen Empire and then disbanded for a few months when Ray left and we were not comfortable with the name nor the direction of the band.

The band reformed as The Reflection with myself, Eddie and Paul and with Colin coming in to play bass and this was the line-up until Paul moved to Hertfordshire and I eventually moved to Basingstoke.

The band came together for one final performance in Falmouth a few months after the actual demise.


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