Talk of the West Club



Perran View Holiday Park


Located betwen St Agnes and Perranporth, Talk of the West is the club within Perran View Holiday Park. The club has been entertaining families for years and in the 60s hosted many local bands as well as visiting groups such as The Peddlers and entertainers such as Norman Wisdom.

The club was run by general manager Geoff Duffy and the his family lived on the site by the entrance for a number of years. Many of the acts used to rehearse on the Sunday afternoon before having tea with the family!

Jimmy French was the drummer who backs up many of the visiting performers at the venue.

Geoff Duffy in the DJ Booth

Geoff with Frankie Howard and David, who worked at the venue


Thanks to Bill Tonkin for his memories of the venue

In the mid to late 70's I remember visiting this venue, you could have agood night out i.e. nice meal , good entertainment , with disco afterwards ( Johhny big ).

In particular I remember Diana Dors who was amazing, she talked about her Life and Loves, told a few jokes and sang a few songs, the place was packed and a good night was had by all. Lance Percival was also very entertaining, he just made up songs on the spot about anything the audience shouted out, Roger deCorsey (nookie bear) was very blue he had us in fits, Paper Lace (Billy dont be a hero fame).

Thank you to queenincornwall for the recent interior images

Thanks to Suezan Elliott here's a list of the some of the artists that performed at the venue

Dec 14th  Yana 
Dec 24th Jim Wade– Comedian
Dec 31st  Sparky and Me
Jan 4/5/6th  Larry Grayson
April 8th  The Flirtations
April 26th  Leslie Crowther
May 4th Charlie Williams
May 14th  Gene Pitney
Sept 9th  Billy Kelly
Sept 16th  Bob Monkhouse
Sept 23rd  John Tremaine—Mind Reader
Sept 30th Frank Ifield
Oct 14tth  Roy Orbison
Oct 21st  Christine Holmes
Nov 8th  Norman Vaughan
Nov 9th  Norman Wisdom
Nov 15th  Guys and Dolls
Nov 18th  Dustin Gee
Nov 22nd Clodagh Rogers
Nov 25th  Craig Douglas
Dec 8th  Bobby Crush
Jan 20th-24th  The Black Abbots
Jan 27th-2nd Feb  Helen Shapiro
Feb 4th  Janet Brown
Feb 10th-15th  New Seekers
Feb 17th-23rd Susan Maughan
Feb 26th-Mar 2nd Kenny Lynch & His Jazzmen
March 3rd-9th  Frankie Vaughan
March 17th-23rd  Sandie Shaw
March 26th-30th  Billy Fury
Mar 31st-April 6th  Jefferson Lincoln
April 8th-14th  Tommy Cooper
April 14th—20th Marty Wilde
April 28th-May 4th  Harry Secombe
May 14th—22nd  Anita Harris
May 23rd-24th  Dick Emery
May 25th  The Flirtations
May 26th-June 4th Gene Pitney
June 5th  Bobby Vee
June 9th-14th  Joe Brown
June 23rd-29th  Warren Mitchell (a.k.a Alf Garnett)
June 30th-July 6th Gerry Marsden &  The Pacemakers
Sept 25th-26th      Sandie Shaw
Sept 29th-Oct 5th   Dora Bryan
Oct 10th-14th Mike and Bernie Winters
Oct 14th-19th Roy Hudd
Oct 23rd– 25th  Julie Rogers
Oct 27th– Nov 3rd  Mothers Pride
Nov 14th-16th Julie Felix
Nov 17th-23rd Dustin Gee
Dec 19th Norman Wisdom
Dec 23rd Adrian Walsh
Dec 19th  Tony Dowling
Jan 9th-11th Frankie Howard
Jan 14th-16th Roger Whittaker
Jan 17th-22nd Rockin Berries
Jan 30th-Feb 1st Mike Carter
Feb 15th –19th Penny Laine
Mar 17th-22nd Bob Monkhouse
Mar 23rd-25th Lionel Blair and His Dancers
Mar 26th-Apr 4th Bruce Forsythe
April 14th-16th The Barron Knights
April 27th-May 3rd Dave Allen
May11th-17th  Tony Hatch & Jackie Trent
May 18th Lonnie Donnigan
June 14th-21st Temperance Seven
June 22nd-30th Gerry Marsden and the Pacemakers
July 8th-12th Joe Chisholm
July 13th-19th Clive Conway
Aug 14th-16th Dudley Dolittle
Aug 17th-23rd Peter John Mitchell
Sept 4th-6th Dougie James
Sept 15th-20th Lyn Paul
Oct 2nd-4th First Impression
Oct 12th-18th Norman Collier
Oct 19th-23rd Dave Berry
Nov 2nd-4th Joe Brown and the Bruvvers
Nov 9th-12th Little and Large
Jan 2nd Candelwick Green
Jan 12th-13th Roy Castle
Jan 14th-22nd The Inimitable Rupert
Jan 23rd-29th Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen
Feb 6th-9th Billy J Kramer
Feb 13th Tony Crane and The Merseybeats
27th Feb-3rd March Freddy and The Dreamers
6th-12th March Wilma Reading
13th-19th March The Rockin Berries
Mar 20th-27th  Danny Williams
April 4th The Settlers
April 10th-14th The Dooleys
April 17th-24th Windsor Davies and Don Estelle
April 25th Bert Weedon
May 1st Joe Brown and the Bruvvers
May 18th Shag Connors Carrot Crunchers
May 19th-21st Marti Wilde
May 22nd-28th Lyn Paul
May 29th-June 4th New Vaudiville Band
June 5th-11th Bob Monkhouse
June 12th-15th Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent
June 19th The Flirtations
July 3rd-9th The Searchers
July 10th-14th Georgie Fame
July 17th-23rd Alvin Stardust
July 26th Jimmy James and the Vagabonds
July 27th-Aug 6th Tommy Cooper
Aug 7th-12th Clodough Rogers
Aug 14th The Rockin Berries
August 21st Guys and Dolls
Aug 28th The Bachelors
Sept 11th Marmalade
Sept 19th The Barron Knights
Sept 24th Marti Caine
Oct 17th Cilla Black
Oct 24th Miki and Grif
Oct 28th Del Shannon
Nov 2nd Larry Grayson
Nov 9th Sandie Shaw
Dec 3rd The Dooleys
Dec 14th Alvin Stardust
Dec 21st Los Amigos
Dec 25th Des O Connor
Dec 29th Gerry Grant
Jan 9th The Inimitable Rupert
Jan 11th Tom O Connor
Jan 19th Leapy Lee
Jan 23rd Paper Lace
Feb 1st The Supremes
Feb 8th Carlo Santana
Feb 15th Lennie Bennetts
Feb 22nd Windsor Davies & Don Estelle
Mar 1st Dustin Gee
March 9th Peter Gordon
March 10th Madeline Bell (Blue Mink Vocalist)
March 15th Tony Sands
March 22nd Roy Castle
March 29th Peters and Lee
March 31st The Imperials
April 5th Frank Carson
April 14th Dailey and Wayne
April 23rd The Nolans
April 30th The Fortunes
May 7th Billy J Kramer
May 14th Jimmy Tarbuck
May 18th Labi Siffre
May 21st Fiddleygig
May 28th Gerry Marsden and The Pacemakers



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