Polgooth Fayre



\Polgooth, St Austell


Located just outside of St Austell, the Polgooth Fayre ran for three years, 1977-79/

As well as featuring Cornish artists such as Brainiac 5, Smak, Tarfu, Tosh and The Mechanics the festival also including many national artist such as Wizz Jones, Clive Palmer, Zoot Money, Kevin Coyne and Robin Williamson

For a wealth of information on the festival including copies of the programme and photographs from the festivals check out the excellent page at the Uk Rock Festivals website - http://www.ukrockfestivals.com/polgooth-fayre-1979.html

Thanks to Mic McCreadie, here's some pictures of Mic at the 1979 Polgooth Fayre;

With thanks to Jim Rivis for his recollections and photographs of the 1979 Polgooth Fayre;

I am originally from Kirkbymoorside, N. Yorks and emigrated to Canada in 1966. In 1979, I returned for a 3 month visit to the UK. I found myself heading on the train down to Exeter. I booked into a hostel where I probably saw a poster for Polgooth Fayre. I have no recollection of how I got there but soon was eagerly passing through the entrance to the Fayre, setting up my tent in the gorgeous rural setting and, just like that, I was 'home'. These were my people and Polgooth, like the many Mariposa festivals and rural living gatherings I had enjoyed in Toronto, was where I belonged. Neverthless, travelling alone was lonely and I was therefore happy to be sitting around the campfire, chatting with a family next to my tent (see photo).

The whole 1979 festival was marvelous. This was still in the days of easy going events for those that enjoyed the outdoors, wanted to expose their kids to alternatives to television, movies, instead presenting them opportunities ot learn explore and be active.

The three men on skis in suits and bowlers were the funniest thing I had seen in a long time. It cracked me right up.The shuffled around, one reading the Times out loud, one reading a Penguin novel and the third I forget. Punch and judy shows, puppetry, and the 3 woman group called The Pink Spots were also highly entertaining. Vegetarian food was available. Crafters were set up and I came home to canada with two hand crafted treasures which I still love as memories of those days and have. Naturally these things had to be small as I was knapsacking!

What impressed me a lot, besides all the entertainment acts, were the marvelous children's activities which the organisers had built themselves. This included an animal farm, a wire ride, a maze, a bouncy castle and more.

The crafts at the Polgooth Country Fayre were phenomenal. Shown are two wooden turned boxes, one with a beautifully crafted classic local scene in marquetry and the smaller boxes Celtic design is hand hammered repoussee pewter. The larger box still has the maker's name, Elizabeth Philp, Callington.




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