Danny's Passion

Years active:






Band Members:
Danny Gill (Vocals)
Alan Toms (Lead Guitar)
Gerald Lynch (Rhythm Guitar)
John Challingsworth (Bass)
Peter Kay (Drums)
Greg Young (Vocals)


Alan Foster, John Challingsworth and Peter Kay had previously played in Falmouth band The Kontiki Klan. Through working at Marriot Magnetics, Penryn in 1965 they joined forces with Alan Toms and Gerald Lynch to form The Undecided (they couldn't decide on a name!).

After many hours spent honing their skills in after-work rehearsals sessions at the factory they all worked at, the band felt confident enough to scout for gigs. In 1966 they hooked up with David Peters, who took over management of the band. David had connections in the music business and set out about transforming them into a semi-professional outfit.

Around this time Alan Foster left the band, with vocal duties being taken over by Danny Gill. The band also moved to a more suitable rehearsal space, in the form of Woodlane Social Club, Falmouth. Gigs started to come in at the local dances and the band were soon decked out in their own tailored suits from Burtons. David and the band started putting on dances at St Kevern Village Hall, playing the hits of the day through the night.

Woodlane Social Club

In an attempt to secure bookings and a possible record deal David got the band to record a demo tape. Through David's connections the tape was sent to the legendary figure of Joe Meek (the two were friends), who was impressed enough to invite the band to 304 Holloway Rd for an audition. The band headed up to London for a short recording session, taking along friend and local guitarist (and future BBC sports comentator, Mitch Fenner). Initially the temperamental Joe was unhappy with the inclusion of 'outsider' Mitch, but soon came round to the idea and he played guitar on the band's session.

John Challingsworth with Dannys Passion, 1966

Joe gave the band some demo material, which they would quickly learn and work into what would be recorded as the planned the first single. This song was "(It's all leading up to) Saturday Night", written by Geoff Stephens. The band laid down the track, along with several others including “Wanna Lover”, “The World’s Not Big Enough”, “Left Me”, “I Cried Over You” and “Over the Weekend”. Danny also made some solo recordings, with joe veiwing him as potential solo artist material. "The World's Not Big Enough" was a solo Danny outing, penned again by Geoff Stephens of Winchester Cathedral fame. None of the recordings were band originals, and all selected by Joe for the band to learn and record.

The session went well and the band signed a contract with Meek, being the one and only Cornish band to do so. Up to this point the Staggerlees were the only Cornish beat band to have released a 'proper' record.

Joe suggested a name change to Danny's Passion and a release date was set, but legal wranglings stopped its release before any records had been pressed. Shortly afterwards the song was picked up by Marmalade and released as the top side of their debut for CBS, making the Danny's Passion version surplus to requirements.

Back in Cornwall the band continued their gigging schedule. The local press reported that a single was due from the band, and they began playing some of the Joe Meek songs live. The band were starting to feel like stars, David even lined up a autograph signing session at a local record shop for some publicity. This started to cause come friction between David and the band. David was keen for the band to slowly build up a reputation through steady gigs and good hard slog, the band however thought it was more appropriate that they recieved top billing and be treated like the stars they soon expected to be.

They did secure a high profile support slot alongside a visiting Kinks at the Flamingo, but the ongoing friction caused David Peters and the band to go their seperate ways. They then signed up with Monty Banks, a local dance promoter.

Not long after Danny quit the band to be replaced by a new singer Greg Young. The band still had hoped that the Joe Meek sessions would see a vinyl release, but all hopes of stardom were dashed when Joe ended his life in February 1967. The band never got to hear what Joe had in mind for their records. Presumibly he would have added orchestration, double tracked vocals or who knows what studio trickery.

With Greg they would continue as The Passion, but disappointed and disillusioned the band split not long afterwards.

As of 2006 Danny Gill was living in Polperro, running a gift shop and conducting a local choir. Alan Toms was caretaking for a school in London, John Challingsworth was involved in real estate in Sydney Australia, Gerald Lynch was involved in security in Ladock. Peter Kay is also living in London and David Peters is still in Falmouth. In 2006 the band, minus Peter, met up for the first time in 40 years.

2006 reunion

Unfortunately the band have suffered the same fate as many others, thanks to the messy handling of Joe's estate. All the recordings made by the band still exist and reside the legendary "tea chests", which hopefully one day will be cracked open for all to hear. Joe did press up an acetate of "Wanna Lover", a copy of which was given to John.

Check out the Dannys Passion website for some very rare colour photos of Joe Meek! - www.dannyspassion.webeden.co.uk


Thanks to David Peters


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