Cellophane Cloud


Years active:






Band Members:                                         

Bill Tonkin (Drums)
Dave Harvey (Bass)
Mike Harvey (Guitar)
Graham Richards (Organ)
Nick Dobson (Guitar)   


Thank you to Bill for the information below;

After forming for the Heamoor Secondary School dance in the mid 60's the band Chapter 4 metamorphosized into Cellophane Cloud with Nick Dobson from The People (local R & R band) replacing Mike harvey on lead guitar.

The band name Cellophane Cloud was suggested by Geoff Ladner from Newlyn, this seemed an ideal name for that time. Although not as polished as some of the pro bands on this site, we held our own around mid/west Cornwall and played most of the venues listed, we were out every weekend and were Quote "A decent R'n'B band"

Dave bought Wally's (The Layabouts) treble'n'bass amp and speaker, he also owned a '65 Hofner Beatle bass which years later he sold for £30 (never mind). Bill bought Mick Mcguire's drumkit (The Layabouts). These guys being older, more experienced, more professional, gave us some valuable tips and hints which we welcomed, thanks guys!

We regularly played The Wints and occasionally backed some if the touring bands of the day. I remember our Vox AC 30 amp blew up one night, we couldn’t fix it so we dumped it (worth a small fortune now).

Our muster after gigs was the burger van in Foundry square Hayle, where with other bands we would chew over the nights events. The R.N.A.S. Culdrose gigs spring to mind mainly because as well as being paid, we could eat as much curry as we liked I got arrested by the naval police on one occasion for Surfing on top of the bands Thames van (happy days).

We regularly played inside Sennen Lifeboat house! The lifeboat was still in it, but moved to one side, god knows what would have happened if they had a shout? 200 revellers and a band in the way! No elf 'n' safety in they days boy.

A decent recording eluded us, Job Morris (Sentinel Records) wanted to get us on tape but never the twain met. Mr Perry from Heamoor R.B.Legion recorded us. He played some music from his reel to reel to us before a gig there, it was amazing, who's that we enquired their good! Its you ya silly buggers he replied.

We played a dance in the church hall near the middle of Marazion. An elderly lady nearby was very ill, so in respect we carried all the gear, with the punters helping and set up in the Town Hall at the bottom of marazion and carried on with the dance.

Whilst playing a gig at P.J.s in Truro I remember the manager frantically waving us to keep playing, we were puzzled until we noticed an army of blokes at the top of the stairs (we played upstairs) kicking, punching and throwing bodies back down, apparently the St Austell Greasers had turned up for a ruck.

Our repertoire from what I remember: Gimmme some lovin', my babe, land of a thousand dances, keep on running, summertime blues, show me, time is tight, green onions, what ya goinna do bout it, get back, back in the U.S.S.R., ride your pony, gimme gimme good loving (crazy elephant), too much monkey buisiness, walkin the dog, barefootin, whiter shade of pale, houndog, reelin and a rockin, tooty fruity, sunny, rock me baby, bad moon rising, midnight hour, johnny b good, my generation, magical mystery tour.


Just to confuse matters, there was also a band with the same name operating out of the Oxford area. Geoff was involved in that band in their early days when at college so may well have come back to Cornwall and suggested the band name hoping that the Oxford band wouldn't tour in Cornwall! The Oxford band dropped the name around 1965 and became the Carley Hill Blues Band.


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